Are you holding onto the things that are holding you back?

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Release Your Blocks and live the life you desire...

Release Your Blocks - The 3 Pillars - Release, Receive and Perceive

From the beginning have all been conditioned by family, friends, work, society and many of us hold true points of view that don't serve us, instead these points of view limit and block us. By releasing these blocks you give yourself unlimited permission to follow any dream, take any action and live your life the way you truly desire.
What points of view are preventing you from receiving? Wanting and needing will get you some of the things some of the time but there's a better way to align yourself with the life and things you want. You deserve what you desire and you will learn to attract what you desire. 
Perception is everything. Once you learn to release your blocks you will see the world with new eyes, gratitude and love will follow. Being at the frequency of gratitude and love, it will flow from you and guess what??? What you put out  into the universe, it will flow back to you.
Welcome To My World
About Your Host
Hi, My name is Victoria Bond.
I believe we can create out own lifestyles of happiness, health and abundance! I am a Holistic Practitioner, Life Coach and the creator of the Release Your Blocks 12 Week Program. I have a passion to help others and Halo Healing and the Release Your Blocks Program is just how I'm doing that! 
I work with people from all walks of life to help them make positive changes and achieve direction in their lives.
As a people person, I get so much pleasure from helping others take the next step forward.
Join me for my Mini-Training covering some of the basic myths around why you are blocked from living the life you desire.
  •  Time - Short on time? Too Busy? Maybe one day?
  • Age - Too young to be the authority? Too old to be relevant?
  • Money - Do I deserve money? Money doesn't grow on trees. Really?
  • ​Health - Unfit, Unwell, Under Stress, Unhappy.  See the upside, if you can acknowledge you are feeling this way then I have the way forward!!! 
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