This is the Ultimate Spiritual Alignment Program 
Suited for Practitioners + Coaches + Spiritual Entrepreneurs Ready to Align and Turn Up All of Their Capacities.

Some of the Powerful Topics we will be Covering….

  • Get an understanding about what energy is and how to use it to efficiently for change.
  • Align to your design / human design transformation, body mind and soul.
  • ​Deconditioning of past mistaken beliefs.
  • ​Stepping into who you truly choose to be.
  • ​Shadow work, shining the light onto the shadow allowing expansion and grow.
  • ​Manifesting your magnificence to shine brighter than ever before.
  • ​Owning your truth and allowing divine downloads and integration.
  • Life coaching models to dig deep into human behavior for a better understanding of yourself and your soul clients.
  • ​Transform your current business or create a spiritually aligned business.
  • ​Learn to talk to spirits and allow your spirit guides to contribute to your expansion.
  • Living and creating from ease and alignment vs hustle and hard.
  • ​Become the coach / guide you always wish you had.
  • ​Soul retrieval experience. Learn how to do 'soul retrieval' and 'implant removal'.
  • ​What entities are and how to do ‘entity clearing’. 
  • ​How you perceive (enhancing your intuition).
  • ​What to do when you get triggered.
  • ​Drop the old beliefs and tap into your own knowing.
  • ​How to really tap into the law of attraction by asking Questions and Shifting Energy. 
  • ​How to create a business with your genius, using marketing, conscious business and Victoria's blueprint.

Included in the 6 Month Program

  • Weekly 60 Minute Group Coaching Calls for 6 Months! 
  • ​Access to Release Your Blocks Practitioner face book group for support during the 6 Months to answer any questions.
  • ​1 x 60 minute 1:1 Energy Shifting sessions with me.
  • ​The 'Release Your Blocks' 12 Week Online Course.
  • ​The 'Practitioner Online Business Transformation' Online Course.
  • ​* BONUS - You get to keep the 'Release Your Blocks' and Practitioner Online Transformation portal for a lifetime.

How will 'Release Your Blocks' guide me?

  • 6 Months Group Coaching / FB Group Support and Accountability.
  • ​This program is for practitioners, coaches or spiritual entrepreneurs ready to reveal their gifts to the world, enhance their superpowers and build a platform to share their genius.
  • ​The digital course is packed full of training videos, activations and easy to work through print off workbooks.
  • ​Victoria's blueprint to a successful spiritual business, with practical, actionable tasks to create and grow your business.
  • ​The Facebook group has your soul aligned tribe, weekly live group coaching, high touch point to me.
  • ​You will receive a soul aligned strategy 1:1 coaching session with Victoria.
  • ​This is a spiritual and energetic soul shift, as well as a practical structured course for the ultimate life up-level.
  • ​This program is only suited for those who are ready to show up, do the unsexy work, transform and explode into abundance and joy.



Sarah Rogers - Hypnotheripist, Access Conciousness Facilitator

Went from part time hustle to full time in her holistic business within 3 months of working with Victoria. 

"All it takes it takes is one person to really believe in you, what do you say to the person who helped change your entire life? Thank you Victoria from the bottom of my heart" - Sarah Rogers

Lynda Northcott - Registered Nurse, Holistic Business Owner

Lynda created more money, more ease and built a holistic business she is excited to show up to and share her gifts. 

Within a year of working with Victoria in her signature 'Release Your Blocks' program she is now teaching workshops, has a much larger audience and is doing it with my more money, ease and confidence.

Tina Squires - Psychic Medium, Entity Clearer, Body Worker.

Tina is now known around the world for her unique gift of clearing entities and giving accurate readings. 

Her guidance helps many and now she has the confidence to charge what she is worth and build the business to share her gifts to the world.

Are You Ready To Align With Your Purpose And Make 2021 Your Best Year Yet?

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