Enhancing Your Connection to Spirit and Turning Up Your Intuitive Super Powers

​This program is for practitioners, coaches or spiritual entrepreneurs ready to enhance their superpowers and reveal their gifts to the world.

Is it time to step out of the 3D and into the 5D? A new paradigm is happening..
Are you choosing?

Powerful Topics We Will Be Covering

  • Fear Buster Activations.
  • Intuition Up-leveling.
  • Energy Alignment - Mind / Body / Soul Integrations.
  • Energy Shifting - Learn to Flow, Pull and Expand Energy.
  • ​Victoria's Blueprint to Channel and Talk to Spirit with Ease.
  • ​Learn the Art of Reading Cards.
  • ​Intention Setting for Magnificent Manifestation.
  • Mediumship Mastery Download.
  • ​Activate your DNA to Next Level Soul Alignment.
  • Experience Soul Retrieval and Learn How to do the for Others.
  • Understanding of Chakra System and Aura.
  • ​Entity Attachment and Clearing System.
  • ​Quantum Leaping Done with Ease, Joy and Grace.
  • ​How you Perceive (enhancing your intuition).
  • ​Procedures to add into Daily Magnificence Practice.

Included in the Magnificent Mediumship Certification

  • Weekly 60 Minute Group Coaching Calls for 10 Weeks!
  • ​Access to the Magnificent Mediumship Facebook group for support / accountability / play space.
  • ​1 x 60 minute 1:1 Reading and Soul Alignment Session.
  • ​Evergreen 'Magnificent Mediumship' Digital Program to keep forever.
  • ​Magnificent Mediumship Certification

About Magnificent Mediumship

  • Secure your spot in the September 2021 Intake of the Magnificent Mediumship Certification Program - 
  • ​Program starting on the 28th of September 2021.
  • ​Receive the 'Magnificent Mediumship' Digital Course and Victoria's blueprints for mediumship.
  • ​The Facebook group has your soul aligned tribe, weekly live group coaching, high touch point to me.
  • ​You will receive a 1:1 coaching session reading and soul alignment session.
  • You will receive a Magnificent Mediumship Certification at the end of the 10 weeks and on completion of the digital course.

Here's What My Mediums Think About Magnificent Mediumship

"Wow I can hands down say this course is next level, like crazy scary, but exciting level! I’ve done a few of Victoria’s groups now and this one I was a bit hesitant about but I followed the energy as that’s just what I do. If it feels like a fuck yeah then I’m in it I’ll figure the rest out later 😆 For me personally I came into this class never ever reading cards or even owning any now out of no where I’m pulling cards for people and I’m going live in our group and actually getting positive feed back it’s an amazing feeling and honestly I feel this is just the start and the push I needed to move past the fear and just go with my heart, not my head I love this course and I love Vic. You will never be disappointed with the content it’s amazing and helpful !"

Are You Ready to Step into a New Reality? 

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