'Release Your Blocks' and 'Practitioner Online Business Transformation' Digital Programs

These program is for holistic practitioners and coaches that are ready to up-level in their lives, release their potential and rock out their genius in the digital space. It is for those who feel like they were born to help others and have a burning desire to contribute to the world while creating money online.

Is it time to make 2021 your best year yet?

If you are “non techy” and unsure of how to create more for your business this program is for you, at this time where is can be harder to physically work with clients, it might be time to start adapting to what is happening in the world.
Change is what is required. 

Your clients and the world need you more than ever.

It’s time to show up!

Powerful Topics We Will Be Covering

  • Get an understanding about what energy is and how to use it to efficiently for change.
  • ​Align to your design / human design transformation, body mind and soul.
  • ​​Deconditioning of past mistaken beliefs.
  • ​​Stepping into who you truly choose to be.
  • ​​Shadow work, shining the light onto the shadow allowing expansion and grow.
  • ​Manifesting your magnificence to shine brighter than ever before.
  • ​Owning your truth and allowing divine downloads and integration.
  • ​Life coaching models to dig deep into human behavior for a better understanding of yourself and your soul clients.
  • ​Learn to talk to spirits and allow your spirit guides to contribute to your expansion.
  • ​Living and creating from ease and alignment vs hustle and hard.
  • ​​Transform your current business or create a spiritually aligned business.
  • ​What entities are and how to do ‘entity clearing’. 
  • ​​How you perceive (enhancing your intuition).
  • ​​What to do when you get triggered.
  • ​​Drop the old beliefs and tap into your own knowing.
  • ​Finding and talking to your soul client. 
  • ​How to really tap into the law of attraction by asking Questions and Shifting Energy. 
  • The structure behind your business. 
  • How to SHOW UP in the digital world.
  • ​Getting clients buying your services. 
  • ​Being the Energy to Sell constantly.
  • ​Creating video content. 
  • Creating written content.
  • Talking to the Energy of your business (learning to read between the lines). 
  • ​Personal Development – shifting the limitations holding you back.
  • ​Rocking out your online business and keep getting clients coming back!
  • Understanding of Chakra System and Aura.
  • ​Entity Attachment and Clearing System.
  • ​Quantum Leaping Done with Ease, Joy and Grace.
  • ​How you Perceive (enhancing your intuition).
  • ​Procedures to add into Daily Magnificence Practice.

Included in the Release Your Blocks Bundle

  • The 'Release Your Blocks' 12 Week Digital Program.
  • ​The 'Practitioner Online Business Transformation' Digital Program.
  • ​​Access to the 'Release Your Blocks' Membership Facebook group for support, accountability and high touch point to me.
  • *BONUS: Workbooks - "Release Your Blocks", "Sharing Your Genius", “Start getting Clients consistently Seeking You and Your Business”

Is this for me?

This program is for practitioners, coaches and anyone else ready align, turn up their gifts and rock out their genius in the digital space, it is for those who feel like they were born to help others and have a burning desire to contribute to the world while creating money online.

Are you ready to Release Your Blocks?

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