1:1 Coaching with Victoria

1-1 coaching with me is all about life transformation, soul alignment and your purpose. Showing up to be seen and then actioning all you are born for in this lifetime.
We are not here to wait till the next life, the time has come to do all the things now!

I love to collapse time and quantum leap through all time, space and dimensions. Yip sounds crazy but it is crazy cool when you learn that YOU have the ability to shift and change simply by knowing the right tools and choosing to be all of you. You become more aware and in tune with your gifts.

I only ever work with a handful of 1-1 clients at any time because for me quality is more important than quantity.

Why do I work with clients on a 1-1 basis? 

Because I love helping my clients reach their targets in business, relationships and of course spiritual growth and abundance in all areas. 

There are no limits to what we talk about because everything is relevant when creating a life of wealth, health and happiness.

What do you do in 1-1 coaching? 

I call myself a Spiritual Empowerment Coach because I truly believe my clients have everything within them to be their version of successful and are capable of anything.
We do Spiritual alignment which means balancing of everything to get the energy, body and mindset in harmony so we can align. When someone is aligned they feel empowered to take action towards their ultimate dreams, they have faith and trust they are fully supported and once we have all of these aligned we are simply put ‘unstoppable’. This isn't always easy to adopt in this reality so this is where the true work and magic happens.

A beautiful balance of mindset, energetic balance and a great connection with the human body is the cocktail of success.
The way I do this is by using my natural god-given gifts of intuition/mediumship, life coaching tools and human design and any other modality I am guided to implement so we can see any energy leaks and help my clients transform on a soul level.

Soul retrieval and implant removal are also a part of what my clients experience while working with me. I have seen high-level coaches transform in front of my very eyes after these soul alignment sessions!

Who is my 1-1 coaching for?

I am taking on clients that are 100% committed to themselves and are ready to experience an abundant life in all areas, they are willing to do the work, show up and de-condition from the patterns holding them back so they can step into all of their magnificence.
I work with my clients for a minimum of 3 months, ideally 6 - 12 months. I have experienced massive growth by having my own coach on an intimate level for 12 months straight and have also seen with my clients the transformations they get from this same level of coaching with me.

What is included?

* Bi-weekly 90min calls
* Access to my ‘Release Your Blocks membership’ group

* Lifetime access to Release Your Blocks digital program

* Lifetime access to Practitioner online transformational program

* Voxer access to me daily (excluding weekend)

* Only pay 50% of the normal price of any live programs during out coaching contract



Sarah Rogers - Hypnotheripist, Access Conciousness Facilitator

Went from part time hustle to full time in her holistic business within 3 months of working with Victoria. 

"All it takes it takes is one person to really believe in you, what do you say to the person who helped change your entire life? Thank you Victoria from the bottom of my heart" - Sarah Rogers

Lynda Northcott - Registered Nurse, Holistic Business Owner

Lynda created more money, more ease and built a holistic business she is excited to show up to and share her gifts. 

Within a year of working with Victoria in her signature 'Release Your Blocks' program she is now teaching workshops, has a much larger audience and is doing it with my more money, ease and confidence.

Tina Squires - Psychic Medium, Entity Clearer, Body Worker.

Tina is now known around the world for her unique gift of clearing entities and giving accurate readings. 

Her guidance helps many and now she has the confidence to charge what she is worth and build the business to share her gifts to the world.


Minimum 3 Months - $2000 NZD Per Month
Pay in full or ask about payment options

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